Construction Photos

June 2014

Foundation sealed & insulated
foundation2 foundation1

Old front steps removed

July 2014

Pouring the foundation for the elevator addition
IMG_1182 IMG_1184 IMG_1186 IMG_1190 IMG_1194 IMG_1198

River level bathed in natural light after uncovering windows
IMG_1202 IMG_1204 IMG_1206 IMG_1208 IMG_1210

Aluminum siding being removed
IMG_1151 IMG_1153

New front steps ready to pour
IMG_1117 IMG_1119

August 2014

Elevator addition, chimney repair, roof tear-off
aug01 aug02 aug03 aug04 aug05

September 2014

On with the new roof!
sep01 sep02 sep03 sep04 sep05

October 2014

Scaffolding comes down revealing the new exterior!
oct01 oct02 oct03 oct04 oct05 oct06 oct07

November 2014

Everything coming together, inside and outside
fire-escape fire-escape2 floor01 floor02 floor03 interior01 kitchen01 kitchen02 light-fixtures light-fixtures02 light-fixtures03 river-level riverwalk01 riverwalk02 riverwalk03 solarium solarium2 solarium3 window_installation