Yoga Teacher Training “Participate and Invigorate”

Are You Passionate About Finding Your Purpose?

This course is designed to give you the groundwork, knowledge and confidence to begin teaching yoga.


Instructor: Yelena Foster

Date: July 12-25, 2019

“Participate and Invigorate” is a two week accelerated yoga teacher training with meditation and yoga practice. During this program you will learn and gain the knowledge of what yoga is and why it’s empowering. The Yoga History and Philosophy following towards powerful group discussion, learning about proper Alignment of postures, Yoga Anatomy, Skills of Assistance, and how this applies to your life, and much more followed by Yoga Alliance requirements. Upon completion, you will be able to teach with love and confidence to continuing to share the gift of yoga. You will leave this training transformed and content. Your yoga certification will register and be recognized by Yoga Alliance.


For More Information Call or Email:

Yelena Foster, Lotus Yoga, LLC.

(P) 920-540-8112