FACtalks Spring lecture Series 2018

The Fort Atkinson Club Community Center presents…

FACTalks /fak täks/ (pl. noun) our Spring Lecture Series. Informative and wide-ranging talks given by local experts in their fields. Q&A will follow. Every other Tuesday at 7:30pm at The Fort Atkinson Club, 211 S. Water St. East. Free and open to the public!

Tuesday, March 13: Managed Grazing and Sustainable Farming: Why They Matter

Kirsten Jurcek (Brattset Family Farm; Grassworks)



Tuesday, March 27: The Lands We Share: The Wisconsin Farms Oral History Project in Jefferson County

James Levy with special guests (History, UW-Whitewater)



Tuesday, April 10: Agriculture in a Changing Climate

Craig Ficenec (Sand County Foundation)



Tuesday, April 24: Jones Dairy Farm: A Brief History 

Milo Jones (Jones Dairy Farm)



Tuesday, May 8: Making Bows, Making Arrows, and the Challenges of Putting Meat in the Freezer

Maurizio Murru with special guests  (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design)



Tuesday, May 22: The History of Cheesemaking in Wisconsin

Gina Mode  (Center for Dairy Research, UW-Madison)