FACtalks Fall lecture Series 2017

The Fort Atkinson Club Community Center presents…

FACTalks /fak täks/ (pl. noun) our Fall Lecture Series. Informative and wide-ranging talks given by local experts in their fields. Q&A will follow. Every other Tuesday at 7:30pm at The Fort Atkinson Club, 211 S. Water St. East. Free and open to the public!

Tuesday, October 10: Roll On Beethoven, and Tell Tchaikovsky the News

Anders Yocom & Benjamin Whitcomb (Wisconsin Public Radio; Dept. of Music, UW-Whitewater)  Don’t you love it when you make a breakthrough in your understanding of classical music? Anders Yocom, long-time host of classical music on Wisconsin Public Radio, and Benjamin Whitcomb, professor of cello at UW-Whitewater, team up to lend their expertise and varied perspectives to addressing the music of two great classical icons, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. The two will deliver a lecture (complete with many musical examples) on Tuesday, Oct. 10, at 7:30PM. Then, on Friday, Oct.13, the Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Rhapsodie String Quartet and two guest artists will perform a Beethoven quartet and Tchaikovsky’s romantically beautiful string sextet “Souvenir from Florence.”

This lecture is the first part of a special two-part musical event: on Oct. 13, Madison Symphony Orchestra’s Rhapsodie String Quartet and guests will perform works by Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Tickets to the concert event are $50 and proceeds will support future programming at The Fort Atkinson Club. Call 920-568-1720 to purchase or check our Facebook page for more info!

Tuesday, October 24: Passive House Standards for Energy, Comfort, Durability, and Resiliency

Sean Meyers (CR-Building Performance Specialists, Inc.) Come learn about passive house building standards. This presentation will briefly introduce the history of the passive house standard; describe the basic principles of the design methodology; discuss benefits and financial implications; and present several case studies of projects and construction techniques with a residential focus.

Sean Meyers is an Architect and a Certified Passive House Consultant with CR-Building Performance Specialists, Inc. (CR-BPS) located in Madison. At CR-BPS, Sean specializes in high-performance architecture, energy analysis, building science, and facility asset and energy management.

Tuesday, November 7: Visual Historic Survey of Floral Still-Life Painting

Jason Miklik (MFA, Artist and Painting Instructor) Slide presentation of Floral Still-life Painting, primarily of European origins. Floral Still-life painting has always been of lessor creative status in art through the ages, however, deserves attention and offers colorful diversion from formal art history. Jason Miklik has an M.F.A from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He is recently retired after 15 years of teaching Portrait and Figurative Art at various locations in the Chicago suburbs and 11 years teaching drawing and painting at the Chicago Botanic Gardens.

Tuesday, November 21:Bricks and Bungalows: Wisconsin’s Enduring Architecture 

Jill Kessenich & Rachel Nelan (Bungalow Pros Design; Flad Architects) Ever wonder why you see so much cream-colored brick on buildings in SE Wisconsin?  What about all those 1½-story bungalows, in neighborhoods and on farms throughout the Midwest and beyond? Find out more about this enduring building material and building type at a fun & informative talk with Rachel Nelan, AIA and Jill Kessenich of Bungalow Pros—both designers and long-time residents of Fort Atkinson.

Tuesday, December 5:Why Picasso Is Great but Pollock and Rockwell Are Just OK 

Jeremy “Guzzo” Pinc (Local artist, MFA program, UW-Madison) A short entertaining explanation of Modern Art with a question and answer following. Jeremy Pinc is an opinionated Art Historian and Fine Arts painter living in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. His work can be seen in many venues around town, notably the Café Carpe and the Lorine Niedecker mural at Sherman Ave and Main St. He is currently enrolled in the Masters program at UW-Madison. His art interests include cartoons, graffiti, fine arts painting and graphic design.